Welcome to the Together Book Club!

The Together Book Club is an online club for kids and parents. Every month TBC chooses one high-quality upper elementary or middle grade book to discuss. Conversations are led by children’s librarians and scholars who have participated in the New York Council for the Humanities’ Together—Book Talk for Kids and Parents program.*

If you’ve been a part of our Together program, or if you’re just interested in reading some great books, we’d love to have you be a part of our club!

Kids — Participating will let you share your thoughts and make friends with other kids from all over New York. You’ll also have the chance to win free books and gift certificates!

Parents — By reading and discussing the same books with your children, you’ll have the chance to increase their love of reading and spend additional quality time as a family.

Summer Reading — This year TBC is teaming up with the New York State Library to give kids a chance to make their summer reading even better! Check out our summer reading page for more information.

So, if you want to read some great books, just look at the column to the left to see what we’re reading this month. Then, share your thoughts in comments (or apply to be a guest blogger)!

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